Stania Frances Dip. Counselling | MBACP | MNCS | UKATA Psychotherapeutic Counselling Nr. Maidstone, Ashford, Canterbury & Tunbridge Wells in Kent

What to expect

"What is therapy like?"
Therapy can facilitate change for what doesn't work for you in your life and help you to become the best version of yourself. It can help you to get to know, like, value and respect yourself more rather than fighting internally against yourself.

"What will my first session be like?"
Usually, the first session is usually about getting to know you, your history and current situation. An action plan is developed to focus on your objectives. We will also discuss the number of sessions that work best for you.

"What will subsequent sessions be like?"
As we build a relationship, we'll be able to look at your thoughts, feelings and behaviour surrounding the issues you're bringing to session. There may be patterns of repetition or themes that we can explore. We can make use psychotherapeutic models, appropriate coping and management strategies while working towards your goal.

"What is the typical length of treatment, frequency & number of sessions?"
Everyone is different - most people come for a series of sessions once a week. Typically, we'll have a review every 6 sessions and also discuss how you want to proceed. Short term work tends to be 6-8 sessions, medium term about 18 sessions, while others may want the benefits of long term work. It depends on what you are looking to achieve as well as your availability and budget."

"Can I discuss what happens in our sessions with others?"
It's up to you if you share and how much, but you should never feel obligated to tell anyone. Sessions are often profoundly private and personal and should be respected. You have a choice to share or not, even if someone else pays for your sessions.

"Do you have parking and a waiting room?"
Parking is available. I don't have a waiting area though, so I would respectfully ask you to arrive when your session is due to begin and be mindful of people who may be finishing their session.

"Do I need my G.P to refer me?"
You can self refer or be referred by your GP.

"Can I get treatment with you on the NHS?"
I only treat private clients and as such there is no NHS funding.

"When can I get an appointment?"
My sessions are by appointment only and available on Weekdays, Mon-Fri. To book an appointment you can call 07874069805 or email

What type of sessions do you offer?"
I provide face to face, telephone or Online appointments, to suit your availability and preference.

"How can I get the most from our sessions?"
✔After a session, creating some quiet downtime for reflection provides time to process what we have been working on.
✔ Create your own journal: Making your own personal notes of any thoughts, feelings or issues to discuss pre and post sessions can be helpful. If you feel creative: making, writing and drawing your own journal may also be a form of relaxation. For others there are several free private journal software online. (eg. Penzu).
✔ Let me know if you would like to work differently or towards different goals. I will work with your agenda and the important current issues you have.

What happens to my information?"
Your records will be retained securely in a locked cabinet. Email correspondence is kept securely on a pass-coded device. Any recorded sessions or session notes are anonymous and once a case study is complete any recordings are deleted. You will be asked to sign a privacy notice which explains that you have the right to see and ask how your data are stored. You can also withdraw consent at any time, where you have previously given consent. You can verify the accuracy of your data and ask for it to be updated / corrected and to restrict the processing of your data.

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