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The Dream Completion Technique

  • Difficulties falling asleep?
  • Trouble staying asleep?
  • Disrupted sleep patterns that impact on your daily functioning?
  • Wake up feeling troubled, not recalling your dream?
  • Wake with unpleasant physical symptoms: sweating; cold; paralysed; panicked or anxious?

    I can guide you through The Dream Completion Technique and help stop traumatic nightmares. Research shows that this simple stabilisation technique can be used to help if you suffer from nightmares and sleep disturbance. It may also help to reduce the associated trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, improve your moods and increase energy levels as you begin to reap the benefits of a good night's peaceful sleep. To view Dr Justin Havens research paper then please Planned Dream Intervention Research Paper

    There is no need to disclose the details of your nightmare or trauma and you don't have to talk about past events or history. I do need your commitment to practice the technique. We can also explore related issues together if you wish to enhance your understanding. I'm here to guide you so you can get the most out of the process. You may like to view the video below for an introduction to the technique.

  • Start planning your Peaceful Night's Sleep today and contact me on 07874069805 or Email

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